How do I upgrade to 2.0? [VIDEO]

If you purchased DonorShops after September 2015, you're already running on our new and improved 2.0 platform. If not, there's a chance you are still running on our 1.0 platform.

Want to upgrade? Its FREE! Here's how:


DonorShops 2.0 Upgrade Process Overview:

  1. Review the DonorShops 2.0 video content.
  2. Request the DonorShops 2.0 upgrade (link to request below)
  3. DonorShops creates a temporary DonorShops 2.0 site that you will use to style your site (see the video on DonorShops 2.0 site styling tools).  Remember that per the explanations in the upgrade video, you are not creating any new products, pages or other site content in this temporary DonorShops 2.0 site as it is used purely to set up the site styling that will be applied to your existing live DonorShops site. 
  4. When you have completed your DonorShops 2.0 site styling process, you contact us to let us know you are ready to have us apply your new DonorShops 2.0 mobile friendly responsive theme to your existing live DonorShops site.
  5. Once your live site has been upgraded, you will need to check and make any desired adjustments to your live site menu structure per instructions in the video (below).  

Additional video content you should review before proceeding: